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Our Story

The Tennis Emporium is a tennis gift site that offers a unique and diverse collection of gifts for tennis players and tennis enthusiasts everywhere.

At the top end of the scale we offer tennis-themed products that range from luxurious, hand-woven designer tennis rugs to our collection of bespoke tennis jewellery. There’s even an exclusive range of original tennis paintings.s

If it’s tennis clothing you’re after, we have some designer tennis shirts alongside some tennis sweatshirts, both of which are amply supported by our vast range of original tennis T-Shirts, including some derived from old Victorian etchings, some quirky ones, a couple of risqué ones and quite a few very funny tennis T-Shirts, so there’s some tennis gear for everyone.

To complement this we have an extensive range of tennis cards on offer, as well as Art Deco tennis posters, rare tennis prints, tennis greeting cards, journals, notebooks and diaries; also many household goods like tennis mugs, tennis-themed cups, tennis-emblazoned drinks bottles; and cooking aprons to suit tennis players and culinary enthusiasts alike.

Let’s not forget our exclusive set of tennis tea towels. We have one that explains how tennis caused the world’s financial crisis! There’s one that explains the rules of tennis for beginners, but of course ends up being so complicated that only a true tennis aficionado would ever be able to understand it. And there’s also one that sets out to be “A Guide To Love” which underlines the pitfalls of loving a tennis player.

There’s a whole host of other tennis merchandise as well: ideas for tennis tournament prizes; tennis tournament cups (we can access genuine vintage silver tennis cups as well as new ones). And we offer a tailor-made service for many items, allowing you to design your own unique tennis gift, like specially commissioned jewellery, one-off portraits or tennis paintings. You could even design your own tennis carpet, or have your tennis club logo woven into a gorgeous rug.

Look upon us as your very own tennis warehouse, a one stop, online tennis shop for your tennis needs of all shapes and sizes.

In the meantime, explore the site; enjoy the products but most of all enjoy this great game of tennis. And, whether you’re on court or off, may you always find the sweet spot.

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